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Horizont maritime training centre ltd. Quality Manual describes the structure of control management and is used in order to achieve strategic development goals.

Quality manual contains:

• Company’s quality policy
• Information on the organisation of the company
• Conditions and the implementation of the ISO 9001:2008 norm to all aspects of the business process, excluding the conditions 7.3 and 7.6

Quality Manual is applied on all organisational parts of the company.

Quality Manual used also as information for the employees, clients and business partners on how the company manages the quality of its business activity.

Quality Manual is:

• An instrument of diffusion policy and quality goals in all business processes
• A representation of the continuity of the functioning and development of the company
• Proof that the directives, procedures and the instructions for work stem from the thorough consideration and analysis of business processes with the aim of continuous improvement and maximum satisfaction of both our clients and employees of the company
• Central reference for the quality standard for all activities in the area of:


All employees of the company are obliged to constantly promote and respect the Quality Policy and the instructions contained in this Quality Manual.

This Quality Manual has been distributed by being included in the information system in a controlled way and is as such available to employees within the company and to the outside partners, in case of need there are also uncontrolled printed copies available and are marked as such.

In this sense the Quality Manual has a promotional role.

Quality Manual is an intellectual property of the company and as such can be distributed only provided that no part of it or the complete document can be reproduced or copied without previous agreement.

Quality Manual was approved by a signature of the director on the original copy. It has been marked by a title, revision index, date of revision and page numbers.

There is a chaptered contents page at the beginning of the document.

All changes require a new publication of Quality Manual. If you wish to read the entire Quality Manual you can download it as a Word document at the link below.

Download link: Quality Manual